5 ways to make your kitchen look bigger

Heart of the house and the most used space in a home, is kitchen. its never enough when it comes to kitchen renovations, you always feel you missed out on something and you could’ve done something more, I for one sure do feel that way. No amount of space in the kitchen is enough for me as I spend most of my day in the kitchen and to help me make my space look bigger, I keep researching and looking at Architectural Digest, talking to my friends who are into real estate, etc.

So here it is! these are the 5 ways you can make your existing kitchen look significantly bigger without any major renovations:

1. Keep the countertops Organised.

This seems like the Mantra for 2020 - DECLUTTER, but it actually does wonders for your space, I have personally experienced that. I feel its much easier if everything that you have on your countertop has a place where it belongs, and so when you’re done using it you can put it back.

2. Use a lighter/simple backsplash.

While backsplash’s keep trending with different colours and artwork, it’s better to go for a less busy one for a smaller kitchen as it draws attention and so the walls look smaller, a simple one in the shades of white or beige should do the trick.

3. Brighter and Proper lighting

if airy and fresh is the vibe you want to set for your kitchen then you definitely need to make sure there’s is a lot of natural light coming into your kitchen and to enhance it you can even go with some nice brighter light in a unique modern way of setting

4. Lighter Cabinets

There are so many different cabinets and storage space in the kitchen that they take up most of the kitchen utility space, and so using a lighter shade will definitely add a lot of depth tp the place.

5. Simple Layout

There is a lot of movement when it comes to working around the kitchen, the more fluid the movements are the more efficient it is. Having to manoeuver around the dishwasher or the microwave doesn’t make sense at all, and it can actually be dangerous sometimes, specially with pets or little kids around, so make sure when you renovate your kitchen it has a very simple layout that is carefully thought of based on your habits and kitchen movements.