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Through this blog I wish to share my precious journey with my readers who may or may not be going through similar reflections. You’ll find that it entails many simple pleasures of life that speak to me personally  such as art, makeup, fashion , skin care, cooking, helping the less fortunate, children’s education etc. Simply put, this blog is about making life beautiful and living every day in veneration of the gift of your temple which is your body. It is about living peacefully with your flaws, moods and habits, all the while feeding your body and brain with positive wholesome food and thinking. My aim is to extend the joy I feel to anyone who reaches out, hoping to make small changes in the world, one healthy human at a time, so that we can make the bigger changes progressively in life. 

I offer looking at health from a sustainable, budget friendly, all inclusive, holistic lens that allows for enjoying all natural plant based and vegan friendly products and materials. We all have a duty to ourselves and our environment.  First and foremost, our responsibility is to make satisfied and happy souls of ourselves so that we may play our part in the care and service of our environment. Together, we can make each day better than the last, as better versions of ourselves. 


I was always that chubby girl with an appetency for food and cooking that only few seemed to understand. This fascination with kitchens and gastronomy infused with my innate wanderlust due to my frequent escapades and education abroad, fuelled my avocation to make ‘Aisha’s Kitchen’ a place where nothing is impossible. But despite being a strong supporter of healthy eating and habits, I yearned for that lean body which I could never seem to get. I was never ‘small.’ I tried every extreme diet (Keto, General motors, 5:2, Ayurvedic) but much to my dismay, they produced ephemeral results in the face of my overriding penchant for cooking and enjoying food as a process, in the most aesthetic and artistic way possible.

In Aisha’s Kitchen, you’ll find more than just food…. 

Being born in the city of diamonds, Surat, India, taught me that our bodies are nothing less than a precious gem which ought to be treated as such.  But you’ll often find that we chase tangible goals and objectives derived from society’s approbation in our fast paced lives today, and for a big part of my life I was just like everybody else. But one day I decided to forget all that and just chase my own happiness. It sounds simple but in fact it entails a larger journey of understanding of oneself and the environment around us to reach a state of eudemonic and harmonious living.

The much needed awakening came to me when I consciously decided to end my internal battle and chase what truly makes me happy. And I realized that I make myself happy, just the way I am. I stopped chasing the visually appealing ideal of fitness and opted instead for being well-nourished both inside and out. Being healthy affects everything from your emotions, to how you communicate with yourself and others to how you see the world around you. And that is just the beginning of the long rewarding journey of fulfillment ahead, instead of just being an ultimate goal. 

Once I become a self-taught baker, chef and health activist based in Bombay, India, the desire to explore further was inevitable. You’d be surprised by how much one can learn on the much underrated journey of self-education. It paved a renewed appreciation for meditation and spiritual education in my life that helped seal my self-confidence, leading me to adopt a wholesome vegetarian diet.

Encouraged by my sister and close friends, Healthout Peaches was born where I started documenting and sharing my work which garnered much following and praise. This quest then turned into a passion for healthy living that was immediately followed by a strong sense of compassion for animals and the environment and ultimately, for philanthropy.   

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